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Research Institute

The Research Institute of Latvian Maritime Academy

Flotes Street 5B, Riga, LV-1016, Latvia

Phone: +371 67161111

Fax: +371 67830138



Aim: To provide favourable and supportive environment to academics and students involved in scientific research and consulting as well as promoting the development of research as an integral part of educational process.

Main fields of research: Marine engineering, technology and transport, logistics, economics and management.

Cooperation partners: with research institutes and institutions of higher education in the neighboring Baltic States, Scandinavia, Germany, Netherlands, Poland and Russia.

The Institute takes part in the organization of annual international scientific conferences „Maritime transport and infrastructure” and is going to launch the publication of international peer-reviewed scholar “Journal of Maritime Transport and Engineering” in 2012.



The Research Institute is a unit of Latvian Maritime Academy.

It was established on the 31st of August 2010 according the decision made by the Academic Senate.

In January 2011 the vacant academic positions were announced, but on the 28th of March two leading research fellows and three research fellows were elected and appointed by the Academic Senate.

On the 18th of May the general meeting of research fellows was held with the aim to elect the Scientific council.  

On the 19th of July the Research Institute was recorded in the Latvian Register Office for scientific institutions (registration No. 321156).  

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