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The Research Institute is a unit of Latvian Maritime Academy. It complies with the Law on Science and the Law on Higher Education Institutions, resolutions passed by the Academic Senate, Statutes of the Research Institute and other regulations. The general meeting of scientists which gathers all the staff with doctoral degree employed by the Institute is its highest decision-making body. The competence of the Scientific council elected at the general meeting includes the following:

  1. the elaboration of the guidelines for Institute’s activities;
  2. the election of Institute’s director and research fellows;
  3. the adoption of regulations dealing with internal activities of the Institute;
  4. other aspects mentioned in the legislation.

The director is the highest officer who represents the Institute and whose area of responsibility includes as follows:

  1. providing the resources for the activities of the Institute;
  2. the implementation of decisions made by the Scientific council;
  3. the approval of Institute’s development strategy.

At present the following officials are members of the executive institutions:

Director of the Research Institute –

Scientific council:       


Members Dr. sc. ing. Rihards Indriksons and Dr. hist. Helēna Šimkuva

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