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Fields of research

The activities of the Research Institute are arranged in several groups, which consist of both the research fellows employed by the Institute and highly qualified academic staff of Latvian Maritime Academy. 

Field of research Working group
Operation, dynamics, diagnostics and control of ship electrical power equipment A. Gasparjans

R. Indriksons

J. Kokars

A. Terebkovs

Safety of ship electrical power equipment and management systems J.Brūnavs

G. Golubevs

G. Lauža

V. Uzārs

Efficiency, quality and safety of navigation K. Carjova

J. Ivanova

V. Priednieks

G. Rijkuris

Development of maritime education V. Barkāns

V. Liepiņa

I. Veilande

History of navigation and personal management at sea H. Šimkuva
Electrochemical analysis of nanostructured materials. Chemistry of water. I. Pastare


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